RSPG - Opinions


RSPG17-017 final. RSPG Opinion on Spectrum issues in the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Electronic Communications Framework.

RSPG17-008 final. Opinion on Spectrum Aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems.

RSPG17-006 final. A Spectrum Roadmap for IoT. Opinion on the Spectrum Aspects of the Internet-of-things (IoT) including M2M.


RSPG16-032 final. Strategic roadmap towards 5G for Europe. RSPG Opinion on spectrum related aspects for next-generation wireless systems (5G).

RSPG16-006 final. RSPG Opinion on the implementation of the current RSPP and its revision to address the next period.

RSPG16-001 final. RSPG Opinion on DSM and Framework Review.


RSPG15-595 final. RSPG Opinion on a long-term strategy on the future use of the UHF band (470-790 MHz) in the European Union. 19 February 2015.

RSPG15-593 final. RSPG Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15. 19 February 2015.


RSPG13-538. RSPG Opinion on Licensed Shared Access. 12 November 2013.

RSPG13-525. RSPG Interim Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15. 31 May 2013.

RSPG13-521 rev1. RSPG Opinion on strategic challenges facing Europe in addressing the growing demand for wireless broadband. 13 June 2013.


RSPG12-409. RSPG Opinion on the process for EU assistance in bilateral negotiations with third countries and between EU countries. 21 February 2012.

RSPG12-408 final. RSPG Opinion on Review of Spectrum Use. 6 February 2012.