RSPG - Reports


RSPG16-022 rev1 final. RSPG report on the results of the public consultation on the Review of the EU Telecommunications Framework. 8 June 2016.

RSPG16-017 final. RSPG Report on the result of the ITU-R World Radiocommunication Conference 2015. 8 June 2016.

RSPG16-004 final. RSPG Report on Efficient Awards and Efficient Use of Spectrum. 24 February 2016.


RSPG15-607. RSPG Report on Spectrum issues on Wireless Backhaul. 11 June 2015.


RSPG13-540 rev2. RSPG Report on Strategic Sectoral Spectrum Needs. 12 November 2013.

RSPG13-527 rev1 final. RSPG Report on Furthering Interference Management through exchange of regulatory best practices concerning regulation and/or standardisation. 28 June 2013.

RSPG13-524 rev1. RSPG Report on proposed spectrum coordination approach for broadcasting in the case of a reallocation of the 700 MHz band. 7 June 2013.

RSPG13-522. RSPG Report on Spectrum for Wireless Broadband and Broadcasting in the Frequency Range 400 MHz to 6 GHz. 30 May 2013.


RSPG12-410 rev2. Joint BEREC/RSPG Report on exploring the economic and social value of radio spectrum for certain electronic communications services with respect to the frequency assignment procedures. April 2012.


RSPG11-393 Final. RSPG Report on Improving Broadband Coverage. 16 November 2011.

RSPG11-392 Final. RSPG Report on Collective Use of Spectrum (CUS) and other spectrum sharing approaches. November 2011.

RSPG11-374 final. Joint BEREC/RSPG Report on Infrastructure and spectrum sharing in mobile/wireless networks. 16 June 2011.

RSPG10-351 Final. Joint BEREC/RSPG Report on Competition: Transitional Issues in the Mobile Sector in Europe. February 2011.


RSPG10-349. RSPG Report on the future of radio broadcasting in Europe: identified needs, opportunities and possible ways forward. Annex. 29 October 2010.

RSPG10-347 Final. RSPG Report on frequency coordination and other issues concerning the digital dividend. 5 November 2010.

RSPG10-335. Joint RSPG/BEREC activity on competition issues. Third report on the impact of technological and market evolution on market definitions: the case of spectrum. 27 May 2010.

RSPG10-331. RSPG Report on improving spectrum efficiency and utilisation in frequency bands relative to the digital dividend. June 2010.

RSPG10-306 Final. RSPG Report on "cognitive technologies". February 2010.


RSPG09-298. RSPG Report on assignment and pricing methods. 22 October 2009.

RSPG09-278 Rev.2. ERG/RSPG Report on radio spectrum competition issues: management of radio spectrum in order to avoid anticompetitive hoarding. June 2009.

RSPG09-277. ERG/RSPG Report on transitional radio spectrum issues: competition issues arising from the transition towards more flexible radio spectrum management for electronic communications networks and services. June 2009.